Will Idol Actually Give Back This Year?

Last year I made no bones about the fact that I thought Idol Gives Back was the most ill-conceived farce to hit the small screen in recent memory. This year they have been even less specific about what Idol Gives Back is going to be.

I suppose since they considered last year such a “success” they figure they don’t need to even announce what the unspecific, fake cause is this year. They are just going to let everyone bleed out money they can’t afford for absolutely no reason. Should I be concerned again? Yes.

Will I still be watching? *sigh* … Of course.

4 thoughts on “Will Idol Actually Give Back This Year?”

  1. SO true WE. On all counts. What is wrong with us that we can’t “Just Say No?!?”

  2. Since I don’t watch AI and I really have no idea what you are talking about, I had to do some “research” to figure it out. I read your no bones post and here is what I think AI should do: I am officially creating a cause that is called “Rhia’s Wardrobe Reconstruction”. See, I hate all of my clothes. Every morning I get up and think, “I wore that last week.” Apparently I only have 5-7 outfits that I keep re-wearing every week, so I need some new clothes. And all of my shoes are really scuffed up and worn out too. According to you, this would be an acceptable cause:
    “One saved or improved life is of infinte worth. I just think that if you’re going to mount a national campaign to raise millions of dollars from individuals, foundations, and corporations; then you’d better have a better plan of what you’re going to do with it.”
    It’s perfect right? Would you be a good friend and call Simon for me? He’ll listen to you because you actually watch the show…and you like it. Thank you and goodnight.

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