SYTYCD – Top 16

Maybe someone who is more in tune with British customs can tell me why Nigel offered the audience “Soup and Blankets” tonight.  I thought it was hilarious, but I totally didn’t get it.

They really front loaded the show tonight with the amazing dancers.  Twitch and Kherington were amazing.  Only Kherington could look that good in an orange jumpsuit, and I loved their matching fake glasses.  The guys are working the popularity vote like crazy!  And I think it’s working.

Gev and his partner were also a-freaking-mazing.  The rumba was totally hot, and her dress was amazing!

I liked Tice’s choreography with the African themed jazz thing, and I didn’t think they did as bad as the judges made them out to be.

Will and Jessica… Disco?  Well, she just looks like a robot compared to him.  He needs a new partner before she sinks him.

I still can’t stand Matt.  I’m not sure what it is about him.

I love Thayne and Chelsea.  They’re quirky and fun, but what was up with their song… Can’t hurry love?  Come on… crappy song choice.  It just didn’t fit the dance style at all for me – and they didn’t do very well either… oops.

Mr Axe Murderer and Yet-Another-Chelsea… besides the fact that I can’t ever remember their names… I absolutely, positively, really loved this choreography, and they did a really good job with it, too.

[flashvideo filename=video/sytycd-top16.flv /]

This one deserved a video.  I think it might stand out as one of the best routines of the year, on par with the bench routine from Season 2 and the table routine of Season 3.  You know why?  All of those were incredible stories.  The other two or three awesome routines tonight were fun, sexy, and well executed, but this is the one we remember because of it’s really cool story.

I have to ask, who is this Joshua guy that keeps showing up every week with his gangsta grill and hair, and who is just an INCREDIBLE dancer!  He tears it up every week when I’m just absoulely sure he’s going to tank… Broadway?  Jazz?  Samba?  He can do it all!  Talk about unexpected… this guy is sick!

4 thoughts on “SYTYCD – Top 16”

  1. Twitch and Kherington. Wow do they have great personalities and such. It’s just almost not even fair.

    Gev and Courtney isn’t it? They were good too. And boy is Gev in love with her!

    Comfort and what’s his bucket. They WERE better than the judges said, but just as mary mentioned I did find myself lessening interest 1/2 way through. I am afraid they might be next off???

    Will and Jessica. I agree Jessica is at a major disadvantage. She looks bad next to Will and he needs a new partner. I don’t know that in and of herself she is bad, but it just isn’t equal.

    I like Matt more than everyone else. But I don’t love her… whoever she is. It was okay

    Thayne and Chelsea – yeah they are both cuties. I thought it was better than they were saying. It was a lot the song choice and style I think.

    Mark and Chelsea – wowie wow wow wow. They were so good. and can I just say I am INLOVE with that Tabitha and Napoleaon. They are awesome. It was a great dance and so well done and believeable. I especially related because it is a complete and total dipiction of my life. 100%

    Katee and what’s his bucket. IT’s funny cause I just didn’t love katee in the beginning adn the guy looked so nervous all the time, I thought they were going to fall apart and unravel. But they are kicking everyone’s booties. They are good at everything they do. It is so fun to watch them. WOW!

    well…. gotta run go on the in-laws family camping trip…. someone want to give me a root canal instead?

  2. Soup and blankets? Nope, I got nothing. And they don’t show SYTYCD over here, so I can’t watch it and see. Sorry!

  3. Man, oh man! I still can’t get over the performance that you showed here in the post. It friggin’ gives me the chills!

  4. The soup and blankets comment was about Adam Shankman talking, and talking, and talking, as Nigel and Mary showed as they were falling asleep. I think that Katee and Joshua were the best tonight. For a hip hop dancer to get his hips moving in that rhythm has got to be amazing.

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