Italy Day 2: Ancient Rome

In spite of our late start and missed breakfast, we hurried and finished getting ready at our B&B and took off toward the ancient Roman sites in the southern part of the city.  As we neared the part of the city with the ruins, we were ready for our first real italian meal.  Thankfully, Audrey led us down a strange alley that took us past this great little restaurant.  The inside walls were the color of Pepto Bismol, and the ceiling had all of this amazing brick arches running through it.

It was at this moment that I ate the most incredible lasagna of my life!  The pasta was fresh, the sauce was fresh and there wasn’t too much of it, the cheese was perfect.  It really tasted like some Italian grandma was back there making this stuff.

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Leaf Peeping in the Berkshires

When A2 announced that she had to go on a trip to the Northeast in the fall, my mind immediately shot back to the time when I learned the phrase “leaf peeping”.  It was from an episode of The West Wing where President Bartlet is upset because he has to forego a radio address packed with policy and issues for a more tempered one about “leaf peeping” in the Northeast.


Neither of us have much northeasterly experience, so it proved to be an exciting new experience for both of us. Here is a recount of our exploits and our impressions of our dear Yankee friends:

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Lame Travel Weekend

Coming home from our Memorial Day weekend, we made sure we booked extra time to get through the airport.  After all, we were travelling through a relatively small but oftentimes busy airport, and would be passing through at what I assumed was the height of the “get home” airport pandemonium.

We got to the airport, boarding passes in hand (always print at home!), and paraded into a completely empty airport!


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San Antonio and Bandera Texas – The Cowboy Capital of the World

Last weekend, as a celebration of sub $2/gallon gasoline, the open road called our names and a road trip was embarked upon!

The first stop was San Antonio – and the famous River Walk.  Uhhh…. hello!?!  The sidewalks are quite narrow and there are no safety rails!  This is an accident just waiting to happen!  The river is deep, too: eight feet.  This is no “Small World” ride, you’re gonna have to swim if you fall in!

I learned that, on average, four people per week fall into the river.  Our river guide informed us that the last person fell in not because of drunkenness, but because they were TXT messaging.

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Washington DC – A Travel Guide

I went on this vacation to fulfill a simple goal: to go somewhere I had never been.  Considering this modest goal, I really overachieved!  I saw some of the coolest stuff, enjoyed perfect weather, ate some great food, and ran around with wonderful travel companions.

While we didn’t leave much undone (we did around 30 sites total!), there are still a few things left to do on my next trip to DC.  Here are the few things we wanted to do, but couldn’t because of time constraints or closures:

  • Beaurau of Printing and Engraving
  • Museum of American History
  • National Cathedral
  • Monticello

All in all, though, this was the best trip ever!

If you’re going to DC, here are a few basic tips:

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