VOTW: Creative Genius

OK.  I’m putting off the He-Man/4-non-blondes music video off one more week to share with you this incredible speech that Elizabeth Gilbert, writer of the best seller “Eat, Pray, Love”, recently gave.

The best part of this speech is how she ties it all together in the end, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to invest the entire 20 minutes to watch.

This clip discusses one of the fundamental questions an artist asks himself: “Is my greatest work behind me?” It deals with the feelings and difficulty we feel when, creatively, we just aren’t in the zone, and also attempts to explain how to tame the creative ‘genius’ within us all (aka tell those dang voices in our heads to be quiet).

Many thanks to Tai for sharing this with me.

The Presidential Dog


It’s official.  The Obamas have settled on a Portuguese water dog as their new presidential pet.  They are going to call him Bo.

First of all, I want to complain about the name Bo.  It’s not as fun as the name “Socks” or as quaint as the name “Barney.”  It’s not as friendly as the name “Buddy” or as dainty as the name “Millie.” It is a very bland, plain name where WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).  I’m good with that.  I think, in a way, Obama himself is “Bo.”  So far, he’s worked hard to deliver the leadership he promised during his campaign.

This dog is definitely a democrat, though, being a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy to the Obamas, even before they won the election.

But I have a real problem with Mr. Bo.

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Spice Rack

spice rackOne of our wedding presents was a spice rack, which I was very excited for.  I’m trying to get better and better in the kitchen, and having an array of tasty flavors at my fingertips seemed like a beautiful start to my experimental ability to make each meal savory and succulent.

Yes, we wanted a spice rack.  We registered for a spice rack. But I’m not sure I was fully prepared for the disappointment the spice rack would be in my life.

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Non-Traditional Guest Book

As a continuation of the non-traditional wedding items post from last Thursday… I have to mention our Guest Book.

Rather than having a guest book that was a conglomeration of lines and signatures (that we’d definitely never look through again), we decided to get a coffee table book, something that represented us, and have people sign in the margins… “yearbook” style.

Some people might have been confused by this, but others really got into it!

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