Top 8 Girls Reviewed

So will someone tell me what was wrong with Paula tonight?  Or every night, for that matter.  It’s almost like she was less drunker than usual – she was trying a lot harder to make sense.  And she was biting Simon’s arm at one point?  And Simon can’t get his arm off her chair… what is going on with that?

Now to the reviews… Continue reading Top 8 Girls Reviewed

Some American Idol Tongue


So with the aid of “the freaks from table 9” who were watching AI with me last night, we actually made a keen observation about this night of performances… it was ‘tongue’ night on American Idol. Was it particularly dry in SoCal lately? Why is everyone baring their tongues so readily? Continue reading Some American Idol Tongue

Top 8 Guys Reviewed

I had special guests over tonight for the Idol watching.  We will just refer to them as “The Freaks at Table 9” aka, the Brauns!  And here are the reviews… Continue reading Top 8 Guys Reviewed

Come on down!!!

0_61_barker_bob.jpgLast year, one of my television idols, Bob Barker, finally retired from hosting “The Price is Right.” Ever since that day, I have been mourning in denial of his absence. But now, my grieving has ended, and when I saw “The Price is Right Primetime Special” on my program guide, I decided I would give Drew Carey, the new host, a shot.

Drew is just missing one irreplaceable quality of Bob’s… Continue reading Come on down!!!