Pulling an All-Nighter

I feel like I’m back in college again.  Tonight, I pulled an all nighter.

I don’t think I’ve done this since in my senior year of college, I had to finish that last paper on the last day it was possibly due.

In fact, I think that’s how I wrote most of my papers – by pulling all-nighters.  It’s a wonder I passed any of my classes.

In my old theater occupation I used to work some pretty wacky hours, and staying up until 5am was no big deal at all.  The next day, I just slept in until 2pm.

What I notice from getting fatigued, is I often lose my place in the sequence of things I am doing.  I am doing a few work projects tonight that I have to get done before I go to Houston on Wednesday, and it unfortunately requires a lot of repetitive busywork in photoshop… duplicating layers, changing colors, etc.  Except I keep getting lost in that process.

I’m about to fall out of the chair… so it’s 5:38am and I’m giving in…

Celebrating Singleness: Two Contrasting Articles

_41074552_xbox_gamers_bbc203.jpgThis is article 3 in the series, “Celebrating Singleness”:

I was recently sent two articles: “Marry Him! (The case for settling for Mr. Good Enough)” and “Child Man in the Promised Land“. Both are extremely long treatises (which actually kind of stall about 1/3 of the way through, so don’t feel bad when you stop reading at that point), so if you’re not up for that much reading on a Monday (I understand), here is the summary:

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Some Toilet Humor

2.jpgThere’s nothing to match the relief that you feel when you flush and see that the toilet seat cover is slightly struggling to detach from the seat!

I love it when paper products do their job!

My uncle who is a doctor has his own private restroom. It’s the least they could give him for all those years of medical school. I think in my next job interview, when asked if I have any questions related to compensation or company culture, I will ask what the policy is on private restrooms.

But in all seriousness, here’s my one problem. It’s just a small favor I’d like to ask every gentle man out there, especially (cough… cough…) my coworkers… and I’ll be as kind as possible: Men… you need to… um… step up to the plate a bit more. The dribbling all over the floor is sickening.

Thanks for reading… Have a great weekend!

Celebrating Singleness: The Elephant in the Room

elephantintheroom.jpgThis is article #2 in the series, “Celebrating Singleness”

In one of my comments in part one, I astounded myself by wondering out loud a question that crosses some singles’ minds every once in a while, but which I have never heard expressed out loud… Continue reading Celebrating Singleness: The Elephant in the Room